Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying Medical Alert Systems in The Market Today


Medical Alert Systems which are also known as the personal emergency response systems are vital and beneficial devices that enable the aging citizens to access quality medical care at the comfort of their homes which therefore means that they remain as independent as it is possible. Selecting the systems in the market is however challenging and overwhelming since keeping up with the new and dynamic as well as ever-changing technology is extremely difficult. This article gives some of the crucial questions that one should ask when picking the medical alert systems in the market to ensure that whatever they end up with is not the best but also the most suitable as well.

Does the medical alert system work with the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone services?

Most medical alert monitoring association services use the voice over internet protocol plan. It is essential for the client to confirm therefore if they have VOIP in their homes so that they choose the medical alert systems that are compatible with the same as well. It is good that most of the conventional medical alert system service providers recommend checking of the premises for the presence of the VOIP phone services as it helps to know whether 911 and other services are also available or not. Taking time to inquire about the compatibility of the health care alert system and VOIP is, therefore, a vital part of the selection process.

What is the range of the alert system?

Just like any other products in the market today, the medical alert systems also come with a vast range of variable components which explains why each model varies from the other uniquely. Most of the methods in the market come with various elements such as base station and some pendants which need to communicate wirelessly among many others. One, therefore, needs to know the range of the pendant to the base station. Check out some more facts about medical alert at

Does one need professional help to do the installation?

Most producers of the medical alert monitoring association systems have numerous marketers and sales representatives who act as intermediaries between the manufacturers and the clients. They are also the ones who test and install the systems for the buyers but on the other hand, charge a certain set fee. It is therefore vital to inquire if the DIY approach is applicable during the installation or not as well as how much money one needs to pay for the professional installation.


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